6 nimmt!
Not a game for blockheads!

Welcome to 6 nimmt! (Take 6!), a card game by Wolfgang Kramer. The aim of the game is not to get any cards. Every card that you have to pick up will cost you a minus point for each blockhead. The winner is the player with the least number of blockheads. You may download the original rules book (PDF). In this online version you play against three computer players. Please enter your name, choose your opponements and start shuffeling the cards.

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tactical variant (44 cards)

If you play a card that is to low to be placed at the end of any of the rows, you automaticly take the row that has the least number of Cattle Heads (that differs from the original version). If there are more rows with the same number of Cattle Heads, the first such row will be automaticly choosen.
Here you play against three computer players. The original card game can be played with up to ten players. It has been published by Amigo, where 6 nimmt! Junior for youngsters and the follow-up game Hornochsen with similar gameplay has been published.

author: Wolfgang Kramer - online version: Thomas Rosanski
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